Getting started

After you create an account, you are greeted with a list of spaces. To get you started, we have created you one already but you can create as many as your plan allows.

To learn more about spaces see here

Generating an API Key

You can generate an API key from the subscription section in your account.

  • Click the user icon in the top right
  • Select "Subscription"
  • Click "Create API token" at the bottom of the page

You should then see your plan details and a button at the bottom to generate a API token.

TIP: Keep your API token private as it is linked to your account and usage. In the event that your token is compromised, you can generate a new token and the old one will be discarded.

Garchi CMS has two ways to building headless sites and apps:

1. Headless Web

Use this method to create headless web pages like static marketing pages, home, about, contact etc. You can also build dynamic pages like blog posts, e-commerce product listings etc. that pull content from Data Items.

2. Data items

Use this method to create reusable content like blog posts, products, pricing plans etc. that can be rendered on dynamic pages. For example, you can display blog post items on their respective URL slugs.

You can use both the methods in combination.