Garchi SaaS | headless CMS e-commerce SaaS solution

Garchi E-Commerce API Beta

A simple to use e-commerce Headless CMS solution by
Adirani Digital Solutions Ltd.

Fast response

Each API is continuously improved to make it as performance-efficient as possible to provide a faster response.

Multi-vendor support

Multi-vendor system can be complex and challenging but with our solution it is super simple and straightforward.

Easy to use

With detailed documentation and ease of use, you can easily integrate the API in your system. They are simple REST endpoints which can be used with almost any tech stack.

Secure storage

We are always diligent when it comes to security. Hosted on a trusted cloud service provider, we continuously strive to work on providing secure services.

Cost effective

We believe that prototyping for startups should be cost-effective. Our services contain free tiers and as your business grows you can always upgrade your plan. Our services are in beta but paid subscription plans are coming soon. Transparent and no hidden fees.

No credit card required

We understand that asking for card information can be annoying. No credit cards required to use our services. Register for free and whenever you are comfortable you can always use our secure payment system to upgrade your plan.

How does it Works

Create an account with us

Verify your email address

Add sellers or replicate your admin account as a seller account

Create your e-store using our CMS dashboard

Generate an API key

Follow the doc for API and create your own front-end with your own tech stack.


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