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Garchi CMS is a SaaS based Headless CMS solution developed by Adirani Digital Solutions Ltd.

Our Awards

GBEA Short List Prestige Award

  • Garchi received the Lancaster Enterprise Award from Santander Universities, managed by Lancaster University’s Work in Progress.
  • Garchi received an award for successfully pitching in Lancaster University’s Work in Progress’ Pitch Night in collaboration with Santander Universities.
  • Garchi was one of the shortlisted entries by Lancaster University for the Santander Universities’ Emerging Entrepreneur Programme 2020.

A scene behind Garchi CMS.

Garchi CMS was created by Aditya (our cofounder), born from his frustration with existing headless CMS solutions' limitations. As a developer, Aditya faced vendor lock-in, steep learning curves, and customization challenges. This sparked his idea to create a headless CMS empowering developers and content creators.

Embracing flexibility, Garchi CMS seamlessly integrates with preferred tech stacks, eliminating upskilling needs. Its lightweight architecture, optimized APIs, and user-friendly documentation ensure smooth integration and collaboration. By focusing on key functionalities, Aditya's Garchi CMS delivers a streamlined experience for building exceptional digital experiences without unnecessary complexities.

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If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us or drop us an email at support@garchi.co.uk