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From Lancaster to the UK

Old and new. Traditional and modern. Offline and online.
We believe things can be done together, not one or the other.
We’re a tech company with a big mission to digitise community’s marketplaces in the UK.
This is Garchi.

What do we do exactly?

We provide an innovative web software which helps you to build your own multi-vendor web shop.
Imagine an online marketplace with your own branding. Your traders can safely trade,
no matter if they are essentials or non-essentials. You can even keep the community
aspect intact too. Everything without the hassle of coding, domain, hosting and maintenance.
Plus, no drag and drops as well to create a web shop. Simply import your data and start selling.

Our Awards

Prestige Award



Meet Our Team

Aditya Kadam

Aditya Kadam (Co-founder of Garchi, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Technology Officer)

Maharani Hariga

Maharani Hariga (Co-founder of Garchi, Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Financial Officer)

Want to get in touch

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us or email us at support@garchi.co.uk

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