Frequently asked questions

Garchi CMS is a cloud-based headless Content Management System designed to manage and structure your data efficiently. Initially crafted for the e-commerce domain, it has evolved to support a wide variety of applications.
Garchi CMS functions as a data warehouse, providing a dashboard to create datasets with a defined schema.
A headless CMS is a content management system that stores and delivers content without a front-end delivery layer.
You can add meta fields to your items in Garchi CMS by clicking on the 'Add extra details' option. These meta fields can contain any custom data you wish to include with your items.
You can retrieve your data from Garchi CMS by creating an API token and consuming our APIs. Our APIs can apply filters on almost every dimension, helping you fetch your data effectively.
You can store order data in Garchi CMS using our Orders API. This is useful for storing data related to subscriptions or purchases made on your platform.
Yes, you can use Garchi CMS in conjunction with your own database such as MySQL, Firebase, or Supabase if you need additional functionalities that Garchi CMS doesn't provide.
The API token is per account. You can use the same API token to fetch data from multiple spaces.