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FAQs for SaaS

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) web platform is a multivendor eCommerce platform. A multivendor system is where you or your organisation provide services from multiple traders, vendors, suppliers, content providers etc. It is a Whitelabel service which means the application is hosted on our subdomain with your own logo and colour theme. We take most of your tech hassle on us and make sure that you focus on key aspects of your business.

The SaaS platform is best suited for
  • A multivendor business/organisation/community or an admin of multiple vendors looking to have an ecommerce platform for their own marketplace
  • An umbrella organisation/business/individual who have multiple businesses under their them. Eg: A restaurant owner having multiple restaurants under their own name.
  • An organisation/business/individual who provide content from various providers. Eg: An organisation providing online bootcamp from various mentors/tutors.

If you have any further questions on whether you or your business is perfect fit for our platform then feel free to contact us at
Taking your traders online is a challenge in itself. We help you to ease this process by providing our secure and robust readymade e-commerce platform under your own brand. You don’t have to worry about development, maintenance, hosting, database management, taking online payment and everything. We’ll take care of the technical stuff for you.
It is very simple. You could register your trader by letting us know their information at a fixed monthly cost or you could use your own dashboard to do so for no extra cost.
We understand that every community has its own circumstances. Because of this, we’re open to a fair negotiation on our base prices after we hear from you. Contact us here.
Yes and no. Yes, because ultimately this is an e-commerce platform like Etsy and Amazon in the general sense. No, because you’ll be selling your community’s products under your own branding. Our branding won’t appear anywhere on our whitelabel software, except in certain discreet places.
No. We are a tech company focusing on cloud solutions like software as a service.
We take commission for each sales transaction your trader has. We make sure to keep the rate as low as possible, just so that we’re still able to maintain our services.
While we’d really like to offer our service for free, there are overheads we need to consider to maintain and develop the service. This is what the fees are for.
We develop Garchi with the vision of both online and traditional offline marketplaces coexisting together. Going forward, digitisation is an inevitable part of life. While it may be scary and unimaginable for some, we’re bringing that into reality because we’d like to see community marketplaces in Great Britain ready to embrace the future without sacrificing the traditional aspects of it.
You can donate through Alternatively, you can contact to discuss your options.