Garchi CMS is a cloud based headless CMS that allows you to manage content and data for your websites and applications.

With Garchi, you can:

  • Build headless websites by creating reusable page templates and populating them with content.
  • Manage data items like blog posts, products, menus etc. to use dynamically across your site.
  • Integrate seamlessly with your tech stack like React, Vue, Angular, Next, Nuxt, Svelte Kit, Laravel, Ruby on Rails etc.
  • Use the APIs to fetch content and data for display in your apps.

Our focus is giving you a way to manage your content while giving complete freedom to choose your own frameworks, databases and services. It complements your tech stack instead of replacing it.

Some examples of using Garchi (Remember sky is the limit):

  • Headless site with Nuxt/Next, Supabase and Garchi CMS.
  • E-commerce mobile app with React Native, Firebase, and Garchi for product data.
  • Full stack app with Django/Laravel/Ruby on Rails, Postgres, and Garchi for content.

This documentation will guide you on how to use Garchi CMS for creating a headless website.

Garchi CMS is not restricted to headless web pages. With data items, you can define products, blog posts, events or virtually any other data you can think of. The only limit is your imagination.

To learn more about the API and how to pull in your data from Garchi CMS, you can read the API documentation.