Moving from Wordpress to Garchi CMS - a tale of improved performance

articleimage Aditya Kadam Jul 03, 2024

This case study features Sweqlink's website migration from WordPress to Garchi CMS.

About the company

Sweqlink is an innovative sweat equity platform that connects entrepreneurs with skilled professionals willing to invest their time and expertise in exchange for equity. Launched in 2020, Sweqlink has been revolutionizing the startup ecosystem by facilitating partnerships between visionary founders and talented individuals across various domains. The platform has successfully matched startups with professionals, leading to numerous successful partnerships. Initially, Sweqlink's website was built using WordPress to establish its online presence quickly.

Challenges with their previous solution

According to Sweqlink's tech team, WordPress served its purpose in the beginning, but as the company grew, several issues became apparent:

  1. WordPress plugin updates were a constant source of frustration. Each update carried the risk of breaking site functionality or compatibility issues with other plugins, requiring extensive testing and often leading to unexpected downtime.
  2. The website's performance was subpar, with slow loading times affecting user experience and potentially impacting SEO rankings. This was particularly problematic for a platform that needed to showcase its dynamism and efficiency to both entrepreneurs and professionals.
  3. Implementing bespoke solutions for unique features of their sweat equity platform proved challenging within the constraints of WordPress. This limitation hindered Sweqlink's ability to differentiate itself in the market and provide a truly tailored user experience.

As Sweqlink continued to expand its services and user base, the need for a more flexible, performant, and customizable solution became increasingly clear.

Migration to Garchi CMS

After evaluating various options, Sweqlink decided to migrate its website to Garchi CMS. The primary reasons for choosing Garchi CMS were:

  1. Flexibility: Garchi CMS's headless architecture allowed Sweqlink to design and implement custom features without the limitations imposed by traditional CMS platforms.
  2. Performance: The decoupled nature of Garchi CMS, combined with its efficient content delivery, promised significant improvements in website speed and overall performance.
  3. Scalability: As a growing platform, Sweqlink needed a solution that could easily scale with its expanding user base and feature set.

The migration process involved several key steps:

  1. Data Migration: Sweqlink's development team exported their WordPress SQL data and migrated it to their own database server. This gave them full control over their data and allowed for optimized queries tailored to their specific needs.
  2. Content Transfer: All website content, including static pages and blog articles, was transferred to Garchi CMS using its robust API. This process ensured that no content was lost during the transition.
  3. Frontend Development: Sweqlink rebuilt its frontend using a modern JavaScript framework, leveraging Garchi CMS's API to dynamically populate content across the entire website.
  4. Custom Feature Implementation: With Garchi CMS as the content backbone, Sweqlink was able to implement bespoke features specific to their sweat equity platform, such as dynamic profile matching and project collaboration tools.

The result was a significantly faster, more flexible website that accurately represented Sweqlink's innovative approach to sweat equity. The new site not only improved user experience but also allowed the Sweqlink team to manage content effortlessly without compromising on performance or functionality.

By migrating to Garchi CMS, Sweqlink successfully overcame the limitations of their previous WordPress setup, positioning themselves for continued growth and innovation in the sweat equity space.