Moving from Wix to Garchi CMS - Why did we decide to take this step?

articleimage Aditya Kadam Jul 04, 2024

This case study features adirani Digital Solutions Ltd. website migration from Wix to Garchi CMS.

About the company

adirani DS is a UK-based startup started in 2020 to empower startup founders with digital solutions. The company first focused on software development projects and later augmented digital skills training and workshops. So far they have served 50+ startups, and run 200+ workshops. The website was created using Wix as the company's main thing at that time was to have an online presence.

Challenge with their previous solution

As per the cofounders, Wix was serving the purpose till they wanted to augment some creative innovative solutions to their website. They have to look to create a subdomain to host something as simple as a digital score predictor and rely on third-party solutions for integrating innovative e-learning solutions. Another problem they faced was creating a bespoke design which was a little complicated with Wix. To have a headless CMS solution that could help them scale up and manage content with ease was a great challenge.

Garchi CMS is an in-house product of adirani DS and to understand its use case the company decided to move their website to Garchi CMS.

Migration to Garchi CMS

The time came when the company wanted to refactor their website completely. The choices were using Wix with API functionalities, WordPress or coding it from scratch. Considering the future scope and complexities of other solutions, the company decided to use the code-from-scratch approach. However, the main requirement was managing content on the website without having to touch the code base. The company was also developing their own in-house headless CMS (Garchi CMS). So they decided to use it for their website.

The website was recreated using Firebase, Nuxt, Tailwind CSS and Garchi CMS. As there were some blog articles on the old website, those were migrated to Garchi CMS using Garchi's APIs.

Implementation Process

The migration to Garchi CMS involved several key steps:

  1. Content Audit: The team conducted a thorough audit of their existing content on Wix, identifying all pages, blog posts, and dynamic elements that needed to be transferred.
  2. Information Architecture: They redesigned the site structure to optimize for better user experience and future scalability.
  3. Frontend Development: Using Nuxt and Tailwind CSS, the team built a new, performant frontend that aligned with their desired bespoke design.
  4. Content Migration: Leveraging Garchi CMS's APIs, they systematically transferred all existing content, including blog articles, from Wix to the new system.
  5. Custom Integrations: They implemented the digital score predictor and e-learning solutions directly into the new site architecture, eliminating the need for subdomains and third-party tools.

Results and Benefits

The migration to Garchi CMS yielded several significant benefits for adirani DS:

  1. Improved Flexibility: With Garchi CMS, the team can now easily implement creative and innovative solutions directly on their main website without relying on subdomains or third-party integrations.
  2. Enhanced Design Control: The bespoke design capabilities offered by the combination of Garchi CMS and custom frontend development allowed for a unique, brand-aligned website aesthetic.
  3. Efficient Content Management: The team can now manage all website content, including blog articles and dynamic elements, without touching the codebase, significantly streamlining their content workflow.
  4. Improved Performance: The new tech stack, including Firebase and Nuxt, coupled with Garchi CMS's efficient content delivery, resulted in notably faster page load times and improved overall site performance.
  5. Scalability: The new setup provides a solid foundation for future growth, allowing adirani DS to easily add new features and content as their services expand.


The migration from Wix to Garchi CMS has proven to be a strategic move for adirani Digital Solutions Ltd. It not only solved their immediate challenges with design limitations and integration difficulties but also positioned them for future growth and innovation. By leveraging their own headless CMS solution, they've created a website that truly reflects their capabilities as a digital solutions provider.