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Creating an e-store with Garchi is super simple. All you have to do is register an account, upload your sellers’ details and set the colour scheme. The e-store will have your branding (logo and colour scheme of your choice), while all the business logic of sending emails, registrations and order tracking will be done by us on your behalf. The e-store is immediately available on the Garchi subdomain of your choice. You don’t have to purchase the subdomain, nor any hosting – it is all managed by us.

Have a website already?

No worries – you can integrate this e-store into your website so that your customers can be easily redirected to your e-store. All you need to do is plug your e-store URL into the menu bar of your website, or wherever you want to place this.

Festival shops:

A community named Festive ABC has occasional festive markets. The admin body of Festive ABC decides to create an e-store for their community. Joan is given this responsibility. Joan can create an account with Garchi and can have Festive ABC’s sellers’ and products’ data uploaded. If they prefer, sellers can do that themselves through their respective dashboards. Now, Festive ABC will have a multi-vendor e-store hosted at a domain named something like Of course, the subdomain name (festiveabc) is customisable. Joan does not have to hire a developer or designer to create this e-store. Most importantly, Joan is totally stress-free and has no worries about the e-store for Festive ABC.

Exhibition shops:

Artisan Showcase is well known for monthly exhibitions in various cities. The admin of Artisan Showcase decides to have an e-store where their registered artisans can sell their artistic works. Not just that – the admin body decides to have an e-store to sell tickets for their exhibitions. Jenny is given the responsibility to sort out the e-store. Jenny can register on Garchi and create an e-store with a subdomain named Once done, all the artists can upload their art work photos and details to start selling online via Jenny now has the challenge of selling tickets for the Artisan Showcase. In this case, Jenny can replicate the admin account as a seller and can now act as both seller and admin with two separate accounts which will help to keep things organised. Now Jenny has nothing to worry about as everything is sorted for her.

Boot camps:

James has a great community of developers and digital experts. Some of the members of his community were thinking of having an online platform to arrange online and offline boot camps for programming, social media marketing and all the possible things they do. They approach James with this fantastic idea and now it is all on James to make it happen. James can register for a Garchi account which will help him to create his online boot camp. Every developer/digital expert of James’s community can act as a vendor on this platform and can provide the boot camps via Zoom, MS-Teams, Skype, YouTube Live and many more, along with offline boot camps. James is now stress-free and can have a wonderful online platform at

Community marketplace:

A farmers market in the UK is looking to create an online store for their traders. The admin body has put this responsibility on Sandra. She is aware that they already have a website, but re-building one from scratch to incorporate an online store would be an unwanted extra overhead. To tackle this problem, Sandra can register with Garchi and can create profiles and product catalogs for her traders. The e-store can be integrated into the market’s pre-existing website. If she wants, she can ask the vendors to create their own product catalogues using their own dashboards, or Sandra can do it for them. Without any extra overheads, Sandra can have an e-store hosting all of the products for sale at their community farmers market.

Disclaimer: The names of the characters and businesses mentioned here are all fictional. Any similarity with real people or businesses is mere coincidence.

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