3 reasons to choose Garchi for your community marketplace solution

3 reasons to choose Garchi for your community marketplace solution

By Garchi

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(Hint: A bit of Shopify, Amazon, Etsy comes in together)

When it comes to ecommerce platforms, the names that pop up in our mind are Amazon, Etsy, or website builders like Shopify, Wordpress, Wix, etc. While there’s no doubt of these platforms’ functionality, what if there’s a platform which takes the good things from all these tools and platforms?

Drumroll please… presenting Garchi’s e-commerce Software as a Service solution.

This platform is well-suited for multi-vendors (one organisation/community having multiple traders under them) environment. If you are a community, local body or an organisation who have several traders working with or registered under, you might want to try Garchi as an e-commerce solution.

Without intending to sound any salesy, here are the 3 key reasons on why to choose Garchi for your multi vendor, e-commerce solution:

Reason #1 - No hassle of development or maintenance

When it comes to setting up an e-commerce web platform, you need to take care of its primary components including but not limited to hosting, domain, design and development, maintenance and maintaining product catalogue. Website builders like Wordpress, Wix, and Shopify ease out the pain of development with the awesome concept of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get).

But the downside of this is that at the end, you’ll need to sit for hours designing and creating your web platform. Additionally, you need to do the research on which plugins are secure to use and whether you are required to pay extra for their premium services. On top of this, you’ll need to consider your domain and which service provider to go with. If you decide it’s too much of a hassle and opt for the simplicity of outsourcing this to a freelancer or a web development agency, you’ll need to pay a heavy cost to get high-quality results. This may not be an option for a newly started business or any SMEs with tight budgets to consider.

With Garchi’s SaaS e-commerce solution, you’ll have your web platform set up and running in just 3 steps: create an account, upload your brand logo and upload your product catalogue. No hassle of development and maintenance, plus definitely no hassle of hosting and purchasing domain. That’s the power of Software as a Service (SaaS). If you already have a website and you’re just looking for an e-commerce functionality in your website, then you just have to integrate Garchi’s e-commerce platform to your website with one url. Isn’t this amazingly simple?

Reason #2 - Control your own marketplace

Having your own marketplace is way different than selling on big marketplace brands. Asking your traders to set up a shop on these big brands could be challenging for some. With Garchi’s e-commerce solution, you’ll have a platform under your own community brand name. It’s a hybrid platform, which means it’s a combination of online and offline features like click & collect.

The fear of digitisation comes from the fact that going online is costly with a not-so straightforward learning curve. Both you and your traders will receive a free demo and training on the usage of the platform and technical support at every step. This makes sure that your traders can adapt smoothly.

Reason #3 - Secure and reliable

When it comes to online services, security is essential. It also goes without saying that however cautious you are in implementing a system, a hacker will find a way to attack it. But the majority of security issues could be prevented by taking some simple and essential precautions , which mostly are ignored. Garchi’s e-commerce SaaS solution not only follows the essentials steps to avoid security issues, but also implements necessary preventive measures. The platform is built with modern technologies and hosted on a reputed, secure cloud service provider. On top of that, our developer team also maintains and updates the platform periodically to ensure security.

Like every other service out there, Garchi’s solution does have some cons. It is not like the platform is the best in the world but at Garchi there are skilled and passionate people who believe in “learning is growing” and are always working to improve the services at its best.

Would you like to explore the platform in more detail? Book your free demo slot here.



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