Events catered by Garchi 2019

Events catered by Garchi 2019

By Sandra

In autumn of 2019 here at Garchi International we have decided to branch out and spread the joy of international cuisine all around by starting to cater to various events. We were lucky enough to join in the forces with our alma matter – Lancaster University and so, our catering journey has begun.

Our first event was a Pitch Night Panel Networking event hosted by Work in Progress based at Lancaster University. The Pitch Night event provided an opportunity for up and coming businesses to pitch their best ideas and win up to £1000 cash prize. The event was a great success and marked a start for upcoming highly beneficial networking gatherings hosted by the ‘Work In Progress’ group.

To ensure that all attendees could focus on the presentations, their pitches and enjoy vibrant conversations without going hungry, we have provided a full range of our delicious international meals. From Chicken satay wraps, Thai sweet chilli BBQ tofu wraps and cheese spring rolls to vegetarian mini pizzas, vegan falafel sandwiches, prawn & tuna salad and many more. The event went smoothly without a hitch and we have received many praises for our service and food, for which we are very grateful. There is nothing better than being appreciated for your work and knowing that your services bring great pleasure to people.

It all looked so brilliant, but I would feel guilty eating it all! The perfect combination of spice and flavour on the go!
Tom Fisher
Head of PR & Brand
Cult Vinyl Ltd.

In the weeks after the first event has passed, our catering business has picked up and we received orders from a range of Lancaster University societies. We were delighted to provide a service and help students connect through our international foods. This is our core mission here at Garchi International – to bring people together through the love for food and present them with diverse meal options from all around the world.

Very positive feedback, which we have received from past events, allowed us to get bookings for more occasions all over Lancaster University. One of which was the Social Media Boot Camp held for students, graduates and Lancashire based business, and led by a renowned marketing consultant from Glasgow. The Social Media Boot Camp lasted for two days, so attendees got to enjoy a wide range of meals such as chicken samosas, vegan sushi, duck spring rolls, Bangkok burrito wraps, lamb pastries and many more. This time around people got to try a selection of desserts too, like banana & pecan cake with dates, baklava, basbousa which were a real hit!

We’ve closed the year in mid-December with the Work In Progress End of Year Networking Event held at Lancaster University (of course!). Again, it focused on participants pitching their best business ideas in hopes of receiving the generous £1000 prize. We were delighted to end the year with such vibrant, fun and immensely valuable event that showcased so many creative, dedicated and ambitious people heading into the world of business.

I like them. They looked good. I really enjoyed this with lots of my favourite foods. The lamb pastries were fantastic.
Santander Bank.

Here, at Garchi International, we want to say a big thank you for all the people, who helped us along the way, believed in our mission, enjoyed our services and continue to do so. We promise to provide the best possible service to any occasion you may have and bring international cuisine closer to you, by offering the most delicious culinary gems from all over the world!



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