[NEWS] Garchi Introduces ‘Garchi Bootcamp’ to Help Learners with Digital Skills

[NEWS] Garchi Introduces ‘Garchi Bootcamp’ to Help Learners with Digital Skills

By Team Garchi


Garchi today announced the introduction of ‘Garchi Bootcamp’, a new service. ‘Garchi Bootcamp’ is a collection of online courses for people to learn new digital skills or polish their existing ones.

It features courses from Aditya Kadam, CEO & CTO of Garchi, where he will teach coding skills like Laravel, HTML5 and CSS and more coming soon. “I always like to share my knowledge and experience. It would be fun to learn from the audience and likewise share my expertise with them.”

  1. Participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance, which will be useful to boost their CV.
  2. Participants will be able to learn from the communities’ trusted experts, which supports the community itself.
  3. Participants will be able to enhance their web dev skills and create a website/webapp by themselves as the web dev bootcamps are designed in such a way that it focuses on primary components in depth.

Most of the web dev bootcamps are well suited for someone who is at beginner or intermediate level for that respective bootcamp.

“Garchi Bootcamp will serve as a digital bridge for local businesses or freelancers to learn about using creating a webshop and boosting their tech skills. This is in tune with our founding spirit of supporting local communities,” says Maharani Hariga, CIO of Garchi.

Courses at ‘Garchi Bootcamp’ will be available for May enrollment starting from Tuesday, 13th April 2021, from £15.99.

For more information on courses available in ‘Garchi Bootcamp’, visit https://bootcamp.garchi.co.uk/.



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