[NEWS] Garchi Launches ‘Garchi Multi Vendor’ to Help Local Communities and Brands with Simplified Webshop

[NEWS] Garchi Launches ‘Garchi Multi Vendor’ to Help Local Communities and Brands with Simplified Webshop

By Team Garchi


Garchi announced today the launching of ‘Garchi Multi Vendor’, a new service. ‘Garchi Multi Vendor’ is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for one vendor that manages multiple sellers under it, which uses cloud computing technology.

Garchi, established in 2019, initially started with developing an online platform for homemade food. The company iterated several times before deciding to finally pivot into a 100% digital solution in 2020. “The pandemic has shown the necessity of going digital. Since we already have the software that Aditya (co-founder of Garchi, CTO) developed, I thought we could repurpose it. I pitched the idea to Aditya and after some discussion, we agreed to shift the focus into a multi vendor solution,” says Maharani Hariga, co-founder and CIO of Garchi.

Features of ‘Garchi Multi Vendor’ solution include:
  1. The white label nature of the solution, which allows clients like local farmers markets to use their own brand when launching the webshop as their ‘own’.
  2. The key features of Wordpress, Etsy and Shopify, which make it easy for clients and their sellers to start and manage the webshop with no hassle.
  3. The integration with Stripe, a major payment processing platform, which simplifies receiving real time payments for clients.

“Garchi Multi Vendor solution is a perfect solution for those who understand the power of cloud services in the ecommerce industry. Be it a farmers market or a community; be it a business or an individual associated with multiple traders, whether you sell products or services, Garchi’s solution will accommodate you well,” says Aditya Kadam, co-founder and CTO of Garchi.

‘Garchi Multi Vendor’ will be available starting from Thursday, 15th April 2021 on a pay as you go transaction fee service. This means you only pay when you sell.

For more information on ‘Garchi Multi Vendor’, visit https://garchi.co.uk/multi-vendor-information.



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