Digitising your business correctly – Is having a website enough?

Digitising your business correctly – Is having a website enough?

By Aditya

The main key to achieving vertical scalability in your business is to digitise it. When I use the word digitise, it refers to the fact that appropriate technologies are leveraged in cost-effective and best possible ways. Generally, there is a misconception that having a web presence assures your business growth. This is not exactly the case. It is true that web presence is important but if things are not done correctly, it can bring your business lots of criticism and customers might lose attraction in it. In this article, I would like to discuss these points focussing mainly on how having the right web presence according to your business need is essential for your business growth. In the end, I would like to take the opportunity to introduce how our platform will be a right choice for small to medium size local food businesses like the homemade food business, market stalls and food producers in the UK.

Several businesses are going online. Not to mention that COVID-19 has made businesses to go online in order to sustain. In this race of taking the business online, most of the small businesses are making certain mistakes in terms of deciding the route to go online. The decisions may provide fruitful results in the short term, but for the long term, it might not be a great idea. It is required to understand your business needs before choosing the route to take your business online.

When it comes to the website, small businesses mostly choose CMS or website builders to have their web presence. These tools are fantastic as they have pros like minimum tech skills required, ease of content update, cost-effective in terms of development and maintenance and faster development. These pros are the best suite if you are building something like a blog, online magazine or a content creation platform. However, if you look at the cons of using CMS, it might make you think whether to use CMS or not. When it comes to something like e-commerce or online ordering these tools may not be a good choice from scalability, customisation and user experience perspective. They come with limited database size and thus when your business starts to get more attraction, the website scalability cost increases and the performance might go down.

From a user experience point of view, websites built using CMS or website builders do not provide a deep level of customisation. This restricts you to enhance the best of the web presence and in turn, provides low to average user experience. You might have noticed how easy and smooth it is to order from an online marketplace like Amazon or eBay. That’s the advantage of having a website built with hardcoding. A hardcoded website with appropriate tools comes with enormous features like the high level of user experience you like, scalability, efficient performance, high level of security and last but not the least SEO benefits.

It is completely understandable that majority of the food businesses like the homemade food business, market stalls or small to medium size food producers won’t give priority to hardcoded platforms for their own businesses mainly because of cost, time and knowledge required to build it. Our platform Garchi, in this case, is the best suite for your business. It is built with hard coding using modern technologies which have helped us to achieve a high and deep level of customisation, security, enhanced user experience, top-notch performance and high ranking in Google search. Every registered seller has their own channel which we call it as a shop. It won’t be wrong if you call us an online market place. It is a web app focused for small to medium size local food businesses in the UK who are looking for a robust, most economic and sales assuring online platform. You receive 60 days free trial of our top plan loaded with all the features. Sounds interesting, isn't it?



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